The Laughter Quickly Faded as Reality Looms on the Horizon

Last night I laughed. I laughed when James Comey stated that he doesn’t believe Trump180413112751-comey-trump-book-2-exlarge-169 is mentally incompetent, or in the early stages of dementia. I found it amusing because Trump comes across as a bumbling ignoramus; acting like a foolish clown most of the time. I laughed and rolled my eyes when Comey went so far as to say that Trump strikes him as someone with above average intelligence who tracks the crowd and knows what is going on. I laughed because Trump acts like a petulant child who is only focused on himself. He is the epitome of a dim-witted spoiled little rich boy who is lucky if he can tie his own shoes. I found it amusing that there was anyone who couldn’t see Trump is a bumbling fool who is blatantly senile.

I am not laughing now. I woke up this morning to a cold, and daunting thought. I have been so focused on ridiculing Trump, and the people who believe every word he says with the enthusiasm of a child waiting for Santa Clause, that I forgot to look behind the curtain. What if his bumbling idiocy is in fact, an act meant to disguise his true character? What if he is actually smart enough to “dumb it down” for the demographic he wants to reach? I have often said the only thing that is preventing Trump from fully becoming the new Hitler, is that Hitler was an intelligent man. If Comey is correct, then we have a bigger problem on our hands than initially thought.

c51786b9b293c61409bb17beabce12d2If Trump hasn’t been doing all of this damage to our nation because of his bumbling inadequacy, he has been doing it with malicious intent. It is calculated. It is intentional. It is focused demolition. If he is in fact more intelligent than he pretends to be, then he has been systematically dismantling our democracy with the same skill Hitler used to exterminate the Jews during the Holocaust. It is the act of a sociopathic dictator with narcissistic delusional tendencies, who has the power to take down a nation and possibly destroy the world. That may seem like an irrational fear, but when a leader who has displayed cold and calculated narcissism coupled with a tendency for impulsivity and destructive choices has access to the nuclear codes, everyone should be afraid.

While feeling a sense of bemused amusement because of his tyrannical attitudes, excessive incompetence, petulant spoiled rich kid behavioral issues and pre-pubescent level temper tantrums, I truly hadn’t bothered to look deeper.  While I have been appalled and raged at the damage he is doing to the American image, as well as the lack of humanity and social conscience he displays, I have not analyzed the variables of reality as I am normally prone to do. I have looked upon the face he created for his core constituents, and limited my assessment to that. I have to wonder now if I was in fact, refusing to see the truth because it was far too dark to accept.

Perhaps, in my agitated amusement, I did not want to see the the reality that is gripping our nation. So it was easier to believe that he was nothing more than a bumbling moron who would eventually be a faded memory on the American horizon. Trump, in my assessment, was simply a snake oil salesman who would fade into oblivion and we could return to life as normal. However, if Comey is correct then Trump is as bigger threat to our nation, and the world as a whole, than Hitler was before WW II. While we focus on trump’s racism, misogyny, illegal activities, loathsome inhumanity, and petulant mannerisms, his true purpose may still be unknown. Hitler played his cards close to his chest until he was ready to reveal his hand. Time will only tell what Trump’s end game is, and how detrimental it will most certainly be to our once great nation.

So, while I may have been laughing last night, I am not laughing today. Today I sit in a somber reality of what has already transpired, and the horrors that are lingering in the darkest shadows.



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The Imaginary War on Christmas

Merry ChristmasFrom Halloween through New Year, my Facebook newsfeed was filled with people saying Merry Christmas, and sharing posts and memes about the war on Christmas. My social media was inundated with people sharing statuses that asked people to share if they weren’t too ashamed to say, “Merry Christmas”. Most of the times I just rolled my eyes and scrolled past the idiocy. Then, a few weeks ago, I read that Trump was bragging about bringing “Merry Christmas” back, while his Twitter feed overflowed with people tweeting videos of former presidents, especially Obama, saying that very expression repeatedly. I had never really thought about how ridiculous that controversy was until that moment.

Truthfully, how can anyone be gullible enough to buy into that propaganda, that is blatantly geared toward dividing society and inducing hate? Let’s pause and take a realistic look at life in America during the holidays. When the last quarter of the year approaches, I start seeing Christmas everywhere. Beautiful combinations of red, gold, silver and green can be seen on every street, and in every nook and cranny, while Christmas carols fill the airwaves of every store I step into. Nights are lit up with beautiful lights, and nativity scenes are seen on every block. Christmas is undeniable. I must admit, I love the lights. It awakens the childlike awe in me, and I can watch them transfixed for hours. While I miss living somewhere with snow, because the diamond-like substance enhances the magic of Christmas lights, I do love seeing them reflected on the water in the harbor and bay… but I tree (1)

So, witnessing all of this Christmas festivity makes me wonder about this so-called war on Christmas we are experiencing? I was wished Merry Christmas multiple times, far more often than I was wished Happy Holidays. But contrary to Trumpian belief, this was nothing new. It is the norm, not an anomaly.  It has been this way for as far back as I can remember. In fact, if I truly look back at Christmases past, society was more open to the term Happy Holidays. As a child, I remember seeing Happy Yule cards, Noel, Happy Holidays, Father Christmas, et al everywhere. No one was traumatized by it, or believed that it indicated the demise of “their Christian holiday”.  That is a new (non)problem manufactured by certain people for the sole purpose of manipulating an increasingly insecure faction of religious zealots.

The ultimate irony is that Christ has never truly been attached to Christmas, aside from the commandeering of his name. It is not his birthday, and while scholars believe they have narrowed it down to August or September, no one actually knows when Jesus Christ was born. The only thing they know for certain is that he was not born on December 25th. That date was simply chosen because it was already a popular holiday in Pagan religions. So, due to the hatred for paganism, and the fact that the holiday was already a festive celebration, the Pagan winter solstice was commandeered by Christianity during 3rd century AD.

My main question is: Why is this even an issue? If Christians were as steadfast in their faith as they claim to be, then they would not be so threatened by other religions and their holidays. Christians seem to need everyone to adapt to their beliefs, and have tantrums when confronted with the reality that there are other faiths, and traditions attached to those theologies.


What is wrong with simply living your life, and letting other people live theirs? Saying Happy Holidays does not hurt anyone, and will not damage your religious convictions.  There is no war on Christmas, and Christians are not being persecuted. This war is a figment of their easily controlled minds.

Stop perpetuating the myth that there us a war on Christmas, and stop persecuting other religions just because they don’t follow your theology.  Christians scream that they are being persecuted, yet they are the faction screaming that they want everyone to adapt to their beliefs. Say Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays. Put Christ back in Christmas. Make children pray in school again. The Bible is THE holy book. The list is endless, and pathetic. As I said before, if their faith was truly so strong, Christians would not be so easily threatened by other theologies. This ludicrous idea that there is a war on “their” holiday has been devised by a group of people who need to divide society in order to maintain power, and keep their minions docile and under control. After all, a united society would be far more difficult to manipulate.

This “war” is as ignorant as it is ludicrous and divisive. The diversity in society is one of our greatest assets, and should be embraced rather than feared. Imagine what a wonderful society we could have if we chose to learn about each other, rather than rejecting and condemning those different from ourselves.




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A Nation in Ruin

libertyEverywhere you turn today, American drama fills the airwaves and newsfeeds. The focal point on Friday was the fact that Flynn pled guilty and made a deal with the FBI. People are celebrating the very real possibility that the Trump nightmare could be coming to an end.  But will the downfall of Trumpism come soon enough to save America from ultimate ruin?

While Flynn dominated the news on Friday, another very real disaster loomed on the horizon of America’s future. The senate was feverishly trying to push through the most destructive tax bill to have ever reached the Senate floor. Their focus was clear to anyone paying attention; they needed to get this legislation passed before their house of cards began falling in the oncoming cyclone. This sadistic bill, known as the Republican tax plan, will not only dramatically increase our deficit, but it will also decimate Trump’s base of gullible supporters. To anyone who has been paying attention, or possesses even the most minute shred of intellect, this is not coming as a shock. Trump has always been out for himself, and couldn’t care less about anyone outside the 1% bracket.

So the Republicans who have been diligently denying the truth about Trump, have been doing so with the end game in sight. They have been focused on tax reform that would benefit their own bank accounts, regardless of what it does to the nation and her citizens. Trump and his minions knew how to play the down-trodden and ignorant masses in American, and did so with extreme skill. Now America is on the cusp of ruin.

Most of us woke up Saturday to the devastating news that the demonic entity could not be stopped. Now we just wait for the House-to-Senate discrepancies to be reconciled before it goes for a final vote. All one has to do is look into the tax bill legislation to see who and what the reform will affect the most. However, the effects of the reform will not be immediate, and it will be a few years before we fall into a deep recession and strive toward bankruptcy while our senior citizens, children and impoverished suffer the most. This is merely one of the crises facing this nation today, with many of them having a greater immediate impact.

This current state of affairs has led to a deep divide in this country that hasn’t been seen or felt since the Civil War era. Trumpians and the Resistance stand in direct opposition, waging an inner war that is being fueled by Trump himself. He has managed to brainwash his followers, leaving all true Americans shaking their heads in disbelief. The battle rages on, with the resistance trying to get Trumpians to see the truth, but they are thoroughly convinced that the only truth comes from the mouth of their orange messiah. It doesn’t matter how many facts are presented, they refuse to abandon the man they have come to worship as a deity. This leaves the resistance exasperated, unable to fathom their level of willful ignorance. Trump needs to keep the two sides fighting. If all Americans were to stand together, and fight for the true soul of this nation, then Trump’s fascist uprising will falter. history

Many of Trump’s supporters have started to awaken from their delusional state, and are seeing the truth. They realize they were played, manipulated, and conned. The supporters that still stand firm with him comprise the darkest demographics in this nation. The White Supremacists, pseudo-christians, evangelicals, bigots, homophobes, and other hate-filled, ignorance fueled ideologists will always stand with him. They support his image for America, seeing it as a straight white country with zero room for anything outside the “approved racial criteria”. They are the most dangerous aspect of this entire divide, the true deplorables. They represent the darkest part of this nation, and stand in direct opposition to what America truly is. The deplorables call themselves Patriots, yet the Resistance, which includes the defectors who saw their mistake and joined the Resistance, are the true Patriots. They are fighting for the real America, and the core values she was built upon, with unfaltering opposition to anyone who tries to destroy her. daunting, but undeniable attack on our democracy, comes from a foreign adversary who has skillfully managed to infiltrate our country.  While the true motives of Putin cannot be ascertained, one can surmise his ultimate goals simply by looking at Russia’s history. It would truly be a great feat for Russia to manage to seize power in America, making them unstoppable. America now has Russian leaders, with a mere figurehead in the White House, as we fight to rid our democracy of the infestation before it becomes unstoppable.

If we look away from the Russia dilemma for a moment, we can’t help but face one of the most devastating Trumpian related casualties for a proud American to deal with: our reputation. We have become the dunce nation of the world; the constant butt of most jokes. We are seen as stupid and arrogant, with a clown for a leader. We are seen as racist, and dishonest. We are seen as fools. America cannot be trusted or relied upon. We reject science and fact, falling prey to fake news and a fool’s tirade. America has become a laughingstock and a pestilence, which will rapidly diminish any power or sway we have with other nations. In the eyes of the world, the real America has already fallen.

Of course, this leads is to the constant fear in the hearts of many Americans. We stand on the brink of war, akin to the Cold War and the constant fear that lingered over my childhood like a wet shroud. We wonder who will push the button first, our toddler in charge or North Korea. Even if the current battle of egos doesn’t lead to a Nuclear Holocaust, war is still becoming rapidly unavoidable. This reality becomes even more prevalent when you look at Trump, and his very vocal love of war. With his childishly petulant ego, he would go to war simply to pretend to be a powerful leader. This becomes magnified when you add his obvious mental instability to the mix. I fear that he will start a war as a last-ditch effort to remain in office.

FallenSo this week, as even I smiled and cheered at the Flynn news, I also felt a sense of futility. The traitors will go to jail, and the White House will be taken back from the darkness. But sadly, I cannot deny a very real truth that waits just outside our field of vision, as if trying to save us from the trauma of reality. The wheels have already been set into motion, and the ultimate trajectory for America’s future has been set. It might already be too late to save us from ruin, and history will tell the story of a once great nation that became too complacent and arrogant, leading to her downfall. All that will remain is a pile of rubble, and stories in history books hoping to serve as a warning to future generations lest history repeat itself once again.

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The Exasperation of Trump Regrets and Gullibility

All good people in this nation have been forced to try to find a way to deal with what is happening, in an effort to maintain their own grasp on sanity in the midst of our nation’s insanity. I often look at the Trump Regrets Twitter page these days to see how many people are finally waking up. The first time I went to that page, I expected to see people upset because theirs was a protest vote, and they never truly expected him to win. That was not the case; the people that are finally waking up have me shaking my head in disbelief.

Trump Regrets

I am appalled and shocked by how many people are surprised by what Trump is doing. They are expressing disgust and anger over his lies. They are upset that he is trying to repeal the ACA and they will lose their healthcare. They are surprised and disappointed by how childish he is acting, and how disrespectful he is toward women. They express their disapproval of the Executive Orders he has signed that have a detrimental effect on wildlife and the environment. They are angry by how little he cares about the animals, elderly, sick, and working class. I could go on and on.

The reason this has me feeling exasperated is because it was all predictable, and they were warned. He is exactly the same man now, as he has always been. He showed them who he really was during the campaign, and even told them this is what he was going to do. So, what did they expect from him? He has spent his entire life lying and cheating. If he hadn’t been born rich, he would have been lucky to get a janitorial job somewhere. Most likely, he would have been homeless or living off the system because of a mental disability.

Trumpians were warned about all of this, so I have a hard time feeling sympathy. They hurt the entire country by casting their vote for a childish bully with a grudge. He has always treated women with disgusting disrespect, and viewed them as property. He has never possessed the slightest shred of family values or loyalty. He cheats businesses and refuses to pay his bills. There is nothing to be admired or respected when it comes to that despicable “man”, so in actuality, they got exactly what they wanted when they cast their vote.

Every single time I read the sentence “this isn’t what I voted for”, I want to reach through my computer screen and shake that person. He hasn’t changed one iota from then to now, so they are deluding themselves if they think this is not what they voted for. They got conned by promises of grandeur, much like the Germans were during Hitler’s rise to power. He told them exactly what they wanted to hear, and they bought it like the perfect little gullible fools that he wanted them to be. This is par for the course with him. He has spent his entire life as a spoiled little rich boy who only cares about himself. I do feel empathy and compassion for the people gullible enough to believe that he wouldn’t touch their Medicare/Medicaid, would raise taxes on the wealthy and lower taxes on the poor, etc. I don’t feel too much sympathy for the people chanting “Build that Wall” while still believing that Mexico is going to pay for that monument to hate and anti-American attitudes. That type of ignorance takes gullibility to a whole new level.

Now, of course, many of his die-hard supporters are the equally corrupt politicians, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, ultra-wealthy, and corporations that have been saddled by that pesky red tape intended to protect people while cutting into their profits. Those people will continue to support him no matter how evil his agenda may be, or how much damage is done to the nation, because it is lucrative for them in some form. You also have the single cause supporters: the pro-birth group who pretends to be pro-life, the gun nuts, and the people who erroneously think the “evil immigrants” are stealing their jobs.

stupid Trump supportersThe only thing more exasperating, are the few Trumpians who are still deep without the throes of Trump-hysteria. They have themselves convinced that he is a Christian man, and doing “God’s work”. They brag about all of the amazing things he is accomplishing, and end every grammatically incorrect and atrociously spelled sentence with “#MAGA”. Their spewings are usually filled with ignorance and hate. They are incapable of seeing the truth, and believe all media is fake news, unless it praises him. Trumpians follow Fox like a legion of brainwashed minions, and believe it is the holy grail of information, while rebuking facts and reality. They are the dangerous followers of a dictator, blissfully unaware of how un-American they are. You will not find any of those people on Trump Regrets, because they see him as their god.

Trumpians will die in their denial of truth, long after Trump is a sour memory that all true Americans will desperately try to forget. In the meantime, I go forward, hoping to finally read the headline we all crave “Trump Impeached” or better yet “Trump in prison”. I read the regrets feed for a laugh, and occasional moment of hope.

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America Has Fallen

The past few days have been rather hard on me, as a formerly very proud American. For starters, if someone had told me last year that I would no longer be proud of my nation, I would call them a flat-out liar. I was raised in a military family, and knew how to properly fold a flag, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and sing the National Anthem before I had started school. I was taught true Patriotism, and to be proud of this country. I was led to believe that we were the greatest country on Earth, so it wasn’t easy to type the word “formerly” in the first sentence, but this past week has revealed to me what a profound and undeniable truth that is.

Anyone who knows me, or has read any of my posts, knows that I am against Trump and everything he stands for. So, his election was hard on me because of what it meant for this nation; but I tried to suppress the disappointment in some of my fellow countrymen. I had honestly believed we were better than to elect someone like him. Facing the truth, I know that if this nation were what I had always believed it was, then a buffoon like him would never have gotten a single vote. I lost faith in a lot of people, and look at many of them differently now. I am appalled by the darkness he has unleashed.  I have seen and heard things that were once unacceptable in a civilized society, but have now become readily allowed in Trump’s America.America

In truth, I have slowly begun to accept the shroud that is smothering all humanity out of this nation. It was placed there by a very dark man and the people who adore him. So, as sad as it is to admit, the racism, hate, violence, selfishness, etc. that defines Trump’s America is nothing new to me. You might be wondering what has happened this past week that caused the deep sorrow I am feeling? It started while I was watching Sarah Huckabee in her first press conference this week, and was exacerbated by the proceeding one. I watched her lie without hesitation, with a smirk on her face, and brush Trump’s juvenile and unacceptable behavior under the table as if it were nothing. She made excuses for his childishness, and bully behavior, as if it were normal. She saw no problem, and lashed out at the media uttering the same phrase he has a thousand times: “Fake News”. She then went on to call the Russian investigation a hoax.

If you look at Huckabee’s behavior, it is a form of manipulation. She is using the same psychological ploy that Trump has used a million times: repeat a lie often enough and people will start to believe it. It is basic brainwashing, that the intelligent people can easily see through. However, I am troubled because it is standard operating procedure for the current administration. To work on Trump’s team, one must be capable of lying without hesitation, while being completely devoid of any and all morality and integrity. Ethics are not allowed in his White House. And that is what troubles me the most. The White House was once a place to look up to. It held a special meaning, but now it is just a carnival. There used to be integrity and dignity in the White House, and now it is simply a meeting place for the most vile and corrupt people in the US.

I was already deeply troubled by how far our government has fallen, when I saw something even darker, yet more indicative of where we are as a nation. The final nail in the coffin was the recruiting video put out by our very own terrorist organization, the NRA. This video, for those who have not seen it, was akin to an ISIS recruitment video, and flat out repulsive. I would like to say it was as un-American as it could possibly be, but sadly it was symbolic of what America has become.

The video was easily geared toward all gun nuts (yes there is a vast difference between gun nuts and responsible gun owners), white supremacists, and Trumpians. It was a declaration of war against all Liberals and Democrats. In the video, the demented moderator states:

“They use their media to assassinate real news. They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler. They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again. And then they use their ex-president to endorse ‘the resistance.’

“All to make them march. Make them protest. Make them scream ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ and ‘xenophobia’ and ‘homophobia.’ To smash windows, burn cars, shut down interstates and airports, bully and terrorize the law-abiding – until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness.

“And when that happens, they’ll use it as an excuse for their outrage. The only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom, is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth.

“I’m the National Rifle Association of America. And I’m freedom’s safest place.”

I was appalled when I watched this video, and found it hard to believe that even a vile organization like the highly corrupt NRA was capable of this level of atrociousness. It is the type of propaganda and call to action you would typically see in an ISIS recruitment video. It was scary, especially when facing the reality that the lunatics will see it as a call to action. And anyone who is in the resistance is in danger. Every true American should be scared, and angry.

All of this boiled over for me today, and forced me to face a reality I have been avoiding for weeks now. I can no longer be proud to be an American. I am embarrassed on a daily basis by our toddler in the White House, and appalled by the people who are too cowardly to call him out on it. I am ashamed of the man I refuse to call president. I am furious about the people who excuse his behavior while he continuously destroys our reputation with the rest of the world. I am mortified by the level of corruption that is flagrantly occurring in our government. I am saddened by the lack of humanity, empathy and integrity. I am outraged by the education system that has failed badly enough to make someone like Donald Trump even possible, and angry about the archaic system that managed to elect him. I am horrified by the ignorance of his dutiful supporters, and their refusal to see the truth. I am furious about the reality that we are no longer a democracy. I am dismayed as I watch this nation become a fascist dictatorship, blatantly ignoring the warnings of history. But mostly, I am heartbroken by the darkness that has engulfed America. I am exasperated by the backwards thinking that exists in this country. I am ashamed of the fact that guns are more important than life for so many people. I am angry about the wild west mentality, and the vehement refusal to move forward with the rest of the world. I am ashamed to be an American in Trump’s dark America.

FallenWe are no longer the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. America has become the land of hate and violence, and the home of the corrupt and dishonest. America has officially fallen because of the hate that elected a man like Trump. America has ceased to be America because of a corrupt system that is void of all integrity, morality and humanity. If we look at what this nation was originally based upon, and why it was founded, we must face one cold dark reality. America no longer exists. The empire has fallen, and lay in ruins at the feet of Trump and his supporters.

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I Have Returned

It has been a while since I have posted anything, because life sometimes takes hold and time becomes elusive. I have been working on my novel again, and often find myself writing it in my head while toiling around the house, or at work. It feels good to watch the story take shape and the characters come to life, while serving as a perfect distraction to the dark state of affairs in this nation.

I try to not dwell too hard on what is happening, even though it is hard at times. I see so much happening and find myself frequently torn between outrage and dismay. But I move forward and try to do the best I can in the given situation. I have lost a few “friends”, and had many restless nights. I see things differently than I use to, with my rose-colored glasses shattered at my feet. Yet, I refuse to allow the darkness to tarnish me. I still smile, and embrace my empathy and compassion as the amazing gifts they are. I refuse to join the factions who cling to arrogant selfishness within a hate-filled agenda.

I see the beauty, and even the optimistic side within the current disaster. I am certain I will delve into that within my next few entries in this blog. I have not lost myself, or at least not the part of me that will always care about people and reach out a helping hand. I have found my voice and no longer sit silently to keep the peace.

I do find myself frequently amused by the Trump supporters who are finally waking up from their stupor, and realizing they were conned. I shake my head at their foolishness because the very things they are upset about are what he promised he would do on the campaign trail. Everyone, including the toddler himself, warned them.

I was horrified when he attempted to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, hoping he had bluffed on that one promise. It was a stupid and selfish move, that is also futile. Apparently, he didn’t bother to read it, or he would know it isn’t that easy. He will be long gone (hopefully in prison) by the time notice can even be given of the intention to back out of the agreement. But nonetheless, he must be so proud to have joined the ranks of Nicaragua and Syria as we move backwards in terms of progress. Instead of being an advanced nation, Trump in all of his demented anti-wisdom has chosen the path of anti-progress. I can only shake my head at the stupidity of that man. However, all is not lost! Many of our states and cities join the ranks of the advanced nations in the world with a pledge to move onward with our progress toward a clean future. Progress cannot be changed, no matter how hard ignorance tries to impede it.

With everything that has been going on in my life as of late, one thing always makes me smile. When I get too agitated thinking about what is going on, I take a time out and play with my dog. He reminds me to focus on the simple things in life. I have had some deeply introspective conversations with him. He is a great listener, and never repeats any of my secrets or thoughts. And somehow, he knows, that when I am getting too agitated, a head on my lap makes all the problems in the world vanish for a moment.

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Two Choices: Resistance or Accomplice by Silent Acquiescence

Why can’t I just let it go? I know I am not alone in my resistance to simply accept status quo, and set my sights on getting through the next 4 years. But knowing that I am not alone in my dismay, repulsion, and shock does not help me feel better about what is happening in this nation. I think it is the fact that it has forever altered the way I see some people. People that I once had a lot of respect for, that I saw as genuinely good people, have shown a face to me that I do not recognize. They have taken away the illusion that I clung to for years, and revealed the true darkness of this place I call home.

In many ways, I am still in shock, and angry, that someone like him could have become president of the country I once loved without question. He was blatantly following Hitler’s blueprint, yet his supporters still cheered at his vitriol. It was impossible to miss the signs that he was taking a very dark path, yet he didn’t lose a single supporter. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing sometimes, but the biggest shock was that he still had people supporting him and cheering at his rallies. I try to make myself feel better about his electoral win by facing the reality that it could not have happened with Russian interference. But that doesn’t help assuage the deep disappointment I feel toward many of my fellow citizens, who still cling desperately to their illusion that he alone can make America great again.

Whys can’t I just let it go, and accept the current state of affairs? This isn’t about winning and losing, it is about morality, ethics, and humanity on a deeply intrinsic level. It is about the fact that a man bragged about getting away with sexual assault, and his supporters didn’t care. It is about a man mocking a disabled reporter, and his supporters didn’t care. It is about a man being openly racist, bigoted, xenophobic, and misogynistic, and people not caring. It is about a man who is openly and blatantly dishonest, and his supporters not caring. It is about a man who can be presented with hardcore evidence of something he did or said, but his supporters believe him when he denies it. It is about a man that spoke about wanting to bring back waterboarding and other torture, and was met with cheers and jubilation. It is about a man that stated the families and children of terrorists should be killed, and his supporters loved him even more. It is about the core of humanity and compassion being lost in a society that has embraced the deepest depths of darkness.

I will never understand why one of these things wasn’t the end of it, and that might be what troubles me the most. I would like to believe that this nation is an evolved nation, and we have moved out of the dark ages when it comes to basic humanity; we are capable of embracing equality, and letting people live their lives. Sadly, that is not the case. America is a divided nation that has chosen to be defined by hate and arrogance. This is a moral issue, and America has fallen.

The day of the Inauguration, I felt a sense of foreboding and doom. I was ready to pack up and leave this nation, without even a backward glance. But then something amazing happened, and my hope was renewed. The show of solidarity that occurred the day after Trump’s inauguration was unlike anything I have ever seen. I never thought I would see countries around the globe uniting in solidarity against the American president, and it gave me hope. I had felt so disillusioned and fatalistic after the election, but seeing everyone standing together, willing to fight against the ensuing darkness, made me realize that there is hope after all. The heart of the human race is not dead.

So, it is for that reason if nothing else that I cannot simply let it go and accept the fate of this nation. America will resist, and the good people of this nation will once again prove what we are capable of. I have hope that the resistance will be strong, and we will rise again stronger than ever. Perhaps, Trump truly can make America great again by uniting us in a common cause as we all come together to fight the darkness that is threatening to destroy this nation.

To simply accept status quo, is to become a willing accomplice through silent acquiescence. That happened once in Germany during the Nazi era. I have to believe we have learned enough from history, that the good people in this nation will refuse to let the darkest moment in history repeat itself in America.

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