The Plague of Racism in America

25573-hqdefaultAmerica’s racist core continues to shine with the intensity of a star going supernova. I am embarrassed to admit this, but like many of my fellow Americans, I was blind to the true extent of the problem. Perhaps that is because many of the worst offenders and most ignorant kept their true nature hidden from their more civilized and advanced neighbors. Or perhaps, I was simply enjoying my rose colored glasses. Regardless of the reason I was blissfully unaware of the problem, it is now impossible to hide the truth, and continue to pretend America is the greatest nation on Earth.

Like most Americans, I was raised to have a deep devotion to my country. National pride begins to be instilled in all Americans at a very early age. For me, it was intensified because I was also a military brat. I learned the Pledge of Allegiance before I knew the alphabet. I learned my lessons well, and was your typical proud American. I would stand firm and fight with anyone who questioned America’s greatness. But things have changed and America is no longer true to her roots. She has fallen, and been replaced by a dark entity that shows no semblance of what the USA actually stands for, and the core beliefs that our forefathers fought for.

immigrationThe headlines that fill the news-feeds and airwaves these days revolve around immigration and the vile way they are treated in this nation. There is a lot of rage when it comes to the Nazi style tactics being deployed against people crossing our border, seeking asylum. To add fuel to the fire, Trump’s Muslim ban was narrowly passed by the Supreme Court thanks to a stolen judicial seat. The Muslim ban, in and of itself, is a ludicrous and bigoted farce. None of the nations that are a genuine threat are included, due to the fact that Trump has business ties to nations such as Saudi Arabia et al. But I digress. The focal point here is about the true racist nature of the ban, along with the demonic treatment of immigrants. None of this is truly American, and anyone who disagrees would benefit from reading a history book.

As the onslaught continues, it seems like we are inundated with new videos daily, afp_anti_refugeesdepicting the treatment of immigrants and their young children, as well as verbal and physical attacks on citizens in this nation who are not white enough or “real Americans”. It is hard to accept what is happening here, as bigotry and racism reign supreme in every facet of our culture.

Even a casual user of social media must have seen the debates about Roseanne Barr, and her show being cancelled due to her viral racist tweet several weeks ago. Trump supporters are angry and upset that Roseanne was canceled because of a simple tweet. 36951003_1775273935893277_3134362640361455616_nThey saw nothing wrong with what she said, and screamed that people were being too sensitive, and the “snowflake” moniker was being thrown at everyone. In the misguided belief that they were proving their point about how overly sensitive people have become, they started sharing memes and statements that were using old sitcoms like Archie Bunker and The Jeffersons as good examples as to why Roseanne should not have been cancelled. After all, those shows were once very popular and no one was complaining about the racist content back then. I shake my head at the sheer idiocy of the comparison. Aside from the fact that we should be evolving rather than remaining stagnant, or reversing our trajectory, those sitcoms were fictional creations that made fun of the attitudes they portrayed, which is why they were so over the top. Roseanne’s tweet was an honest one that depicted her inner darkness. One is fiction, the other is not.

What if the shows mentioned above had been about rape, domestic abuse, pedophilia, or some other social issue? Would the attitudes be the same?  This has led me to analyze why this is happening, and how it has been allowed to go on unchecked for so long. How did racism and bigotry become the only social injustices that are an acceptable societal norm in the US? Perhaps we were too complacent after the Civil War, and allowed the wounds to fester in silence rather than exposing them to the light; encouraging them to heal. After the war, focus shifted toward reunifying the nation rather than first dealing with the scourge that brought us to that moment. One of our biggest mistakes was allowing the Confederacy to hold onto their idolatry, in order to save their wounded pride, thus allowing the hate to continue and the wound to fester, as it slowly spread the putrid infection.

4.1.1Even though it has been 153 years since the end of the Civil War, the symbol of the rebellion still flies proudly. Confederate Flags adorn homes, trucks, et al in many towns across the nation. Infamous with white supremacy groups, the real meaning of these flags is traitorous. That is why the term “Confederate Flag Flying Patriot” is an oxymoron. The flag is a traitor’s flag, a symbol of a battle lost. But the modern Confederacy seems to be ignorant of that fact.

Perhaps this ignorance is because the South also paid homage to the leaders of the Confederacy, calling them heroes. They named public buildings and schools after the ConfedStatueinfamous generals and Confederate leaders, and started erecting monuments to these men around the same time the Civil Rights movement was beginning. Much of this can be attributed to the Confederate reinterpretation of the Civil War, trying to claim or believe they actually won, or in the very least that they fought for a noble cause.  They spread misinformation, and continue to indoctrinate children with the ignorance they were raised in. Children look at monuments like that with awe and admiration, which was the intended purpose from the beginning. They do not tell the truth about who those men truly were, namely that they fought against the United States in a futile attempt to maintain their slave owning status quo. These men were American traitors, yet in the South they are revered as heroes. That is a big part of the problem.

historyWhen America finally started facing her social illness, in many ways it was too late because it had been allowed to fester in darkness.  These monuments which never should have been erected, were coming down one by one, and the extremist groups were in a tumultuous uproar.  Their very ideology and way of life was once again being threatened, and they were angry. They spread the propaganda that history was being erased. Most of the civilized world simply shook our heads at the sheer ignorance of their argument.

This uproar, and the fact that even some seemingly decent people were buying into the “erasing history” malarkey, was merely indicative of how complacent we had become to our racist underbelly. We accept or ignore the problem, hiding our heads in the sand and continuing with our everyday lives as long as this ideology doesn’t affect us personally. But as the hate spreads, and the violence is starting to become the norm, we must finally rise up and do what should have been done years ago. We must face this problem head on, and let the bigoted factions know their ideas are not welcomed here. It is time to finally evolve and move forward as a nation.

The current administration has allowed this darkness to emerge from the shadows, revealing the true depth of the problem. We must now purge this darkness before it drains the life from this nation. We cannot continue to allow this attitude to plague and define us. America cannot and should not be defined by her racist and ignorant citizens. It is time for the intelligent, and evolved citizens to come together and take charge. It is time to finally say ENOUGH and take America back from the precipice of destruction. It is time for us to finally move forward, and become the great nation we purport to be.Unity

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The Dark Plague is Killing the United States of America

I can’t even begin to express what I am feeling these days. There is a darkness plaguing this nation, rapidly pushing us deeper into the abyss. I alternate between feelings of shock and repulsion, to deep despair and anger at a level that is unfamiliar to me. I wake up every day with a sense of dread, wondering what morally bankrupt scandal Trump will unleash to obscure his hidden agenda. I fear that we may never truly recover from the damage that is being done as our trajectory continues on a death spiral toward America’s seemingly inevitable demise.

The headlines haunt me daily, assaulting me with a deep feeling of dread and repulsion at what we have become, and the direction we are heading.  As we watch our national drama unfold, it is impossible to miss the haunting parallelisms between what is happening here and what happened in Nazi Germany, or rather it is impossible for the intelligent and educated among us to miss the resonating echoes of the past invading modern day America. This reality drives me to tears, and a multifaceted rage at least once a day. This is NOT the America I grew up loving. This is not the America I was once proud of. This is simply, not America any longer.

As I see the images of children in deep turmoil, and read the increasingly dark stories of 105279481-GettyImages-973124256r.1910x1000families being torn apart, my heart aches and yearns for a finale to this dark chapter. What troubles me the most, and fills me with a blistering rage, are the people who are cheering on the current demonic administration for their crimes against humanity. They see nothing wrong with what the Trump administration is doing as it decimates America, and they have even less of a problem with families being ripped apart, and children suffering psychological trauma. They condone it, and spread the “they broke the law/it’s not Trump’s fault” propaganda like good little puppets. Their darkness envelops us all like a shroud, as they strive toward making Nazis look like humanitarians.

6a0120a610bec4970c01bb07f94bdc970dWe are at a crossroads in American history. My heart hurts when I see the images of babies being tortured by the nation I call home.  Have people forgotten that America is the Melting Pot? We are a nation built on immigration and hope. While we do need immigration reform, Nazi style tactics are not the American way. In a desperate bid for a better and safer life, these families came to our border filled with a desperate hope that many of us will never be able to relate to. Their reward? They are placed into concentration camps, and treated like criminals.

Families are being ripped apart, and punished for the “crime” of seeking asylum. Children are suffering, and may never see their parents again, but the cult members Immigrant Childrendon’t see a problem with this moral disgrace. That reveals a level of apathy and depravity that I cannot fathom, and it infuriates me that it exists in this country I once love without question. People around the world are watching us in shock and disbelief, while those of us here are wondering what happened. How is this possible? How could we have changed so drastically, so quickly? But the truth is, this is nothing new. The darkness has always been there, hidden below the stillness. It has been growing, and festering like a cancer that is quietly killing someone, hidden deep within the body, until it finally emerges to the surface as a visible tumor that sends us into a panic. When the cancer was quietly growing, we were able to deny its existence and go on with our lives as if nothing was wrong. We could pretend that everything was fine, and we were perfectly healthy, until the tumor forced us to face reality.

1529611571630That is what has happened to America, and we must now face the disease that has plagued us for years. My only hope is that we haven’t ignored the problem until it is too late, and the collapse cannot be stopped. All too often, when the cancer has been allowed to grow and spread undetected for too long, it becomes inevitably fatal by the time it is detected. We must act swiftly and with resolute determination if we are to survive this inherently fatal disease that has us in its death grip. We have ignored the cancer for far too long, and must now face the death and destruction it promises if we don’t exorcise the demonic growth.

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America’s Darkness Has Emerged as the Deplorables

Most of the world is waiting with exasperated anticipation, and even greater impatience, for the end of Trumpism in America. This darkness has engulfed our nation like a shroud, and threatens the very core of our democracy. We pray for Mueller to hurry up and rid us of this disease, hoping every day brings us the news we are all longing for. America is saved, and the demon has been cast back into the depths of hell. But even if, by some miracle, we manage to survive the Trumpian era and America comes out battered but still standing, we will still have a very real problem on our hands.

Perhaps, Trump was merely the catalyst that exposed our darkest secret.  All of the focus is on Trump, and his catastrophic presidency.  Eventually, Trump will be a fading memory; fodder for the history books, and his many scandals will no longer monopolize the headlines. However, we will still have to contend with the damage he unleashed, and the biggest threat to this nation: the deplorables. This destructive force has always been there, hidden by the shadows, but the Trumpian era has brought this dangerous faction into the spotlight.

Now don’t get me wrong, all of his supporters are not bad people. Well, let me rephrase that: all of the people who voted for him were not bad people. Some of them were just desperate, angry individuals who got swayed by propaganda and snowed by a master conman. That is why I divide Trumpians into 2 distinct categories: the gullible and the deplorable. I discuss my thoughts on the gullible in my previous post: The Conundrum of Trumpians.  For now, we will focus on the American darkness.

There was a small fraction of supporters who truly believed his spiel, but they have since awakened from their delusional trance and realized that they were conned. All that is left now, are those who embrace the name “deplorable” as if it is something to be proud of.  They are the people who continue to support him with enthusiasm and zeal, and are definitely on the lower rung of the humanity, morality and intellectual ladder.  Perhaps, they embrace the title because becoming deplorable would be a rung up the ladder for them.

DeplorablesAll of the good people who were simply gullible, or desperate enough, to believe his duplicity, have since jumped off the “trump train”. The only people left who still support him are the darkest among us: the neo-Nazis, misogynists, evangelicals, white supremacists, gun nuts and proudly ignorant. They cling to their darkness with the same passion Trump has for tweeting. They have emerged from the darkness wearing their swastikas and flying their confederate flags. They feel free to sexually assault women and treat other races with disdain. They express their hate without shame, and cling to their warped version of what they want America to be. They are the evangelicals and pseudo-christians who use their holy book as a deadly weapon against anyone they disapprove of, while simultaneously dismantling the very theology they claim to follow. The deplorables don’t understand what America truly is, nor do they care. They are an aggressive cancer, that is rapidly spreading and threatening the death of an empire if things don’t change soon.

The truth that we must all now face is the fact that the darkness has been plaguing us for years, but remained hidden and undetected until the tumor stepped into the spotlight and revealed our disease for the entire world to see. The hate-filled racists, bigots, uneducated masses, evangelicals and pseudo-Christians will remain a malignant cancer on this nation long after Trump is evicted from the White House. They knew who Trump was but voted for him anyway. He never hid his darkness; he wore it like a badge of honor, and his supporters embraced him as a God. This is what makes them truly deplorable.

These deplorables use “patriotism” as a weapon, without understanding what patriotism truly is. They stand proudly in their ignorance and hate, eternally devoted to their new savior as he destroys this nation. If we truly want to “make America great again” and save our nation from her impending demise, we must take this threat very seriously. Removing the tumor will only be the first step. We must also cleanse Washington, and take the deplorable threat as what it truly is: a clear and present danger. Continuing to deny that America has a problem will only slow her downfall, rather than stopping it. The first step is always to admit there is a problem. We have lived in denial for far too long, and can no longer take that path. We are a nation of gun nuts who prize our guns above our children. We are a nation of bigots, misogynists and racists who gleefully attack anyone different from ourselves. We are a nation of pseudo-Christians who use religion as a weapon rather than a belief system. We are a nation that is inherently UN-American, and we must fix that problem if we are ever to become the great nation we were once striving to be.

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The Conundrum of Trumpians

Anyone who goes on social media has more than likely seen the jokes about Trumpians. Memes and insults run rampant, with the focus on gullibility, ignorance, and foolishness. But in actuality, most of the people are shaking their heads in disbelief and wonderment. How did so many people fall for this snake oil salesman? And worse yet, how can they be stupid enough to still support him. In some cases, it isn’t stupidity but rather their own inner darkness that propels them forward. I will discuss that issue in my next post focused on the deplorables. For now, we will look at the group of supporters who have the majority of the world baffled.

Trumpian1One of the questions that the more educated and informed among us often ask is “why?”. We cannot fathom the thought of supporting a man like Trump. He never pretended to be anything other than what he really is: a dishonest, racist, vile, narcissistic spoiled rich kid. He was open and honest about his racism, misogyny, and corruption. The truth about his less than admirable business acumen has been known for years. So why did so many people fall for his spiel? Could racism and hatred for the white woman have truly been so intense that the idea of a fascist dictator wannabe was more desirable? Or were they merely that susceptible to his manipulative machinations.

Many people were single focus voters: abortion and guns, or they simply voted party lines. All Trump had to do was tell them what they wanted to hear in order to garner their support. After that, he truly could have shot someone on 5th Avenue as he stated, and they would still support him. Some were truly duped and bought his “America First”, saving jobs, caring about the little man, etc. spiel. We all tried to warn them it was a con, but they were steadfast in their stubbornness and idolatry. Unfortunately, their vote didn’t harm them alone. They cast a net of destruction that is suffocating the entire nation with their ill-fated vote.

I know, Russia aided in the election through devious and divisive means. But that would have been a futile effort if the America people who were gullible to his deceitful words had done a little research or been better educated. But I digress. The state of the American education system is fodder for another blog post. It would only have taken 5 minutes of research to realize they were being lied to and duped. His true nature was always there for the diligent and informed to find. Sadly, that is water under the bridge, and we now face the dismantling of our nation because of Trumpism.

In reality, we were facing an overtly challenging uphill battle trying to sway the Trumpians from their steadfast path. Keep in mind that these are the same people who unquestionably believe civilization was started with one Mediterranean couple and 2 sons (originally 3 but Cain murdered Abel). Logic and facts are meaningless to them. But it still dumbfounds me that they can support someone who is so inherently and blatantly the polar opposite of what they claim to believe in.

Even when presented with indisputable evidence, and cold hard facts, they cling to their Trumpian2fictional spoon-fed reality. I have to wonder if they will ever wake up and face the truth, but I highly doubt it. If they cannot even be swayed by video evidence and facts, such as recorded proof that Trump did or said something, then they may never snap out of their ignorance embracing stupor. I truly believe that if a large group of Trumpians were gathered together for a picnic, and the sky unleashed its fury with the storm of the century, they would be standing inside watching the rain lash against the windows with dismay and mourning their picnic plans, while grumbling in sync with the pounding thunder. The wind would be howling, threatening to rip the shutters from the windows as lightening sizzled across the sky, frequently illuminating the stormy landscape. They would be resigned to the fact that their picnic plans had been rained out. But if Trump walked in at that moment, leaving wet puddles on the floor as he stepped inside, soaked to the bone, and folding a dripping umbrella, and told them it was a beautifully sunny day outside; the best weather ever. They would immediately start packing their picnic baskets, then head outside for a picnic in the beautiful sunny weather, because the storm was “fake news” despite all of the evidence; their new savior told them so.


This unwavering faith is the most perplexing thing of all. Most of us are shaking our heads, wondering if the gullible Trumpians will ever wake up and see reality, or will they continue to live in their fictional head-in-the-sand worlds forever.  When it comes to some Trumpians, they are blind to reality. They believe every lie that flows from his forked tongue with the same unwavering faith that a child has in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. They have been brainwashed into seeing truth and facts as “fake news” and lies as truth. They are convinced the “evil liberals” are the people who have been tricked, because that is what they have been told to believe. They cannot be swayed from that path, even as they veer toward the edge of the cliff at top speed.  The only thing we can do is prevent them from taking all of us over the edge with them.





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The Laughter Quickly Faded as Reality Looms on the Horizon

Last night I laughed. I laughed when James Comey stated that he doesn’t believe Trump180413112751-comey-trump-book-2-exlarge-169 is mentally incompetent, or in the early stages of dementia. I found it amusing because Trump comes across as a bumbling ignoramus; acting like a foolish clown most of the time. I laughed and rolled my eyes when Comey went so far as to say that Trump strikes him as someone with above average intelligence who tracks the crowd and knows what is going on. I laughed because Trump acts like a petulant child who is only focused on himself. He is the epitome of a dim-witted spoiled little rich boy who is lucky if he can tie his own shoes. I found it amusing that there was anyone who couldn’t see Trump is a bumbling fool who is blatantly senile.

I am not laughing now. I woke up this morning to a cold, and daunting thought. I have been so focused on ridiculing Trump, and the people who believe every word he says with the enthusiasm of a child waiting for Santa Clause, that I forgot to look behind the curtain. What if his bumbling idiocy is in fact, an act meant to disguise his true character? What if he is actually smart enough to “dumb it down” for the demographic he wants to reach? I have often said the only thing that is preventing Trump from fully becoming the new Hitler, is that Hitler was an intelligent man. If Comey is correct, then we have a bigger problem on our hands than initially thought.

c51786b9b293c61409bb17beabce12d2If Trump hasn’t been doing all of this damage to our nation because of his bumbling inadequacy, he has been doing it with malicious intent. It is calculated. It is intentional. It is focused demolition. If he is in fact more intelligent than he pretends to be, then he has been systematically dismantling our democracy with the same skill Hitler used to exterminate the Jews during the Holocaust. It is the act of a sociopathic dictator with narcissistic delusional tendencies, who has the power to take down a nation and possibly destroy the world. That may seem like an irrational fear, but when a leader who has displayed cold and calculated narcissism coupled with a tendency for impulsivity and destructive choices has access to the nuclear codes, everyone should be afraid.

While feeling a sense of bemused amusement because of his tyrannical attitudes, excessive incompetence, petulant spoiled rich kid behavioral issues and pre-pubescent level temper tantrums, I truly hadn’t bothered to look deeper.  While I have been appalled and raged at the damage he is doing to the American image, as well as the lack of humanity and social conscience he displays, I have not analyzed the variables of reality as I am normally prone to do. I have looked upon the face he created for his core constituents, and limited my assessment to that. I have to wonder now if I was in fact, refusing to see the truth because it was far too dark to accept.

Perhaps, in my agitated amusement, I did not want to see the the reality that is gripping our nation. So it was easier to believe that he was nothing more than a bumbling moron who would eventually be a faded memory on the American horizon. Trump, in my assessment, was simply a snake oil salesman who would fade into oblivion and we could return to life as normal. However, if Comey is correct then Trump is as bigger threat to our nation, and the world as a whole, than Hitler was before WW II. While we focus on trump’s racism, misogyny, illegal activities, loathsome inhumanity, and petulant mannerisms, his true purpose may still be unknown. Hitler played his cards close to his chest until he was ready to reveal his hand. Time will only tell what Trump’s end game is, and how detrimental it will most certainly be to our once great nation.

So, while I may have been laughing last night, I am not laughing today. Today I sit in a somber reality of what has already transpired, and the horrors that are lingering in the darkest shadows.



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The Imaginary War on Christmas

Merry ChristmasFrom Halloween through New Year, my Facebook newsfeed was filled with people saying Merry Christmas, and sharing posts and memes about the war on Christmas. My social media was inundated with people sharing statuses that asked people to share if they weren’t too ashamed to say, “Merry Christmas”. Most of the times I just rolled my eyes and scrolled past the idiocy. Then, a few weeks ago, I read that Trump was bragging about bringing “Merry Christmas” back, while his Twitter feed overflowed with people tweeting videos of former presidents, especially Obama, saying that very expression repeatedly. I had never really thought about how ridiculous that controversy was until that moment.

Truthfully, how can anyone be gullible enough to buy into that propaganda, that is blatantly geared toward dividing society and inducing hate? Let’s pause and take a realistic look at life in America during the holidays. When the last quarter of the year approaches, I start seeing Christmas everywhere. Beautiful combinations of red, gold, silver and green can be seen on every street, and in every nook and cranny, while Christmas carols fill the airwaves of every store I step into. Nights are lit up with beautiful lights, and nativity scenes are seen on every block. Christmas is undeniable. I must admit, I love the lights. It awakens the childlike awe in me, and I can watch them transfixed for hours. While I miss living somewhere with snow, because the diamond-like substance enhances the magic of Christmas lights, I do love seeing them reflected on the water in the harbor and bay… but I tree (1)

So, witnessing all of this Christmas festivity makes me wonder about this so-called war on Christmas we are experiencing? I was wished Merry Christmas multiple times, far more often than I was wished Happy Holidays. But contrary to Trumpian belief, this was nothing new. It is the norm, not an anomaly.  It has been this way for as far back as I can remember. In fact, if I truly look back at Christmases past, society was more open to the term Happy Holidays. As a child, I remember seeing Happy Yule cards, Noel, Happy Holidays, Father Christmas, et al everywhere. No one was traumatized by it, or believed that it indicated the demise of “their Christian holiday”.  That is a new (non)problem manufactured by certain people for the sole purpose of manipulating an increasingly insecure faction of religious zealots.

The ultimate irony is that Christ has never truly been attached to Christmas, aside from the commandeering of his name. It is not his birthday, and while scholars believe they have narrowed it down to August or September, no one actually knows when Jesus Christ was born. The only thing they know for certain is that he was not born on December 25th. That date was simply chosen because it was already a popular holiday in Pagan religions. So, due to the hatred for paganism, and the fact that the holiday was already a festive celebration, the Pagan winter solstice was commandeered by Christianity during 3rd century AD.

My main question is: Why is this even an issue? If Christians were as steadfast in their faith as they claim to be, then they would not be so threatened by other religions and their holidays. Christians seem to need everyone to adapt to their beliefs, and have tantrums when confronted with the reality that there are other faiths, and traditions attached to those theologies.


What is wrong with simply living your life, and letting other people live theirs? Saying Happy Holidays does not hurt anyone, and will not damage your religious convictions.  There is no war on Christmas, and Christians are not being persecuted. This war is a figment of their easily controlled minds.

Stop perpetuating the myth that there us a war on Christmas, and stop persecuting other religions just because they don’t follow your theology.  Christians scream that they are being persecuted, yet they are the faction screaming that they want everyone to adapt to their beliefs. Say Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays. Put Christ back in Christmas. Make children pray in school again. The Bible is THE holy book. The list is endless, and pathetic. As I said before, if their faith was truly so strong, Christians would not be so easily threatened by other theologies. This ludicrous idea that there is a war on “their” holiday has been devised by a group of people who need to divide society in order to maintain power, and keep their minions docile and under control. After all, a united society would be far more difficult to manipulate.

This “war” is as ignorant as it is ludicrous and divisive. The diversity in society is one of our greatest assets, and should be embraced rather than feared. Imagine what a wonderful society we could have if we chose to learn about each other, rather than rejecting and condemning those different from ourselves.




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A Nation in Ruin

libertyEverywhere you turn today, American drama fills the airwaves and newsfeeds. The focal point on Friday was the fact that Flynn pled guilty and made a deal with the FBI. People are celebrating the very real possibility that the Trump nightmare could be coming to an end.  But will the downfall of Trumpism come soon enough to save America from ultimate ruin?

While Flynn dominated the news on Friday, another very real disaster loomed on the horizon of America’s future. The senate was feverishly trying to push through the most destructive tax bill to have ever reached the Senate floor. Their focus was clear to anyone paying attention; they needed to get this legislation passed before their house of cards began falling in the oncoming cyclone. This sadistic bill, known as the Republican tax plan, will not only dramatically increase our deficit, but it will also decimate Trump’s base of gullible supporters. To anyone who has been paying attention, or possesses even the most minute shred of intellect, this is not coming as a shock. Trump has always been out for himself, and couldn’t care less about anyone outside the 1% bracket.

So the Republicans who have been diligently denying the truth about Trump, have been doing so with the end game in sight. They have been focused on tax reform that would benefit their own bank accounts, regardless of what it does to the nation and her citizens. Trump and his minions knew how to play the down-trodden and ignorant masses in American, and did so with extreme skill. Now America is on the cusp of ruin.

Most of us woke up Saturday to the devastating news that the demonic entity could not be stopped. Now we just wait for the House-to-Senate discrepancies to be reconciled before it goes for a final vote. All one has to do is look into the tax bill legislation to see who and what the reform will affect the most. However, the effects of the reform will not be immediate, and it will be a few years before we fall into a deep recession and strive toward bankruptcy while our senior citizens, children and impoverished suffer the most. This is merely one of the crises facing this nation today, with many of them having a greater immediate impact.

This current state of affairs has led to a deep divide in this country that hasn’t been seen or felt since the Civil War era. Trumpians and the Resistance stand in direct opposition, waging an inner war that is being fueled by Trump himself. He has managed to brainwash his followers, leaving all true Americans shaking their heads in disbelief. The battle rages on, with the resistance trying to get Trumpians to see the truth, but they are thoroughly convinced that the only truth comes from the mouth of their orange messiah. It doesn’t matter how many facts are presented, they refuse to abandon the man they have come to worship as a deity. This leaves the resistance exasperated, unable to fathom their level of willful ignorance. Trump needs to keep the two sides fighting. If all Americans were to stand together, and fight for the true soul of this nation, then Trump’s fascist uprising will falter. history

Many of Trump’s supporters have started to awaken from their delusional state, and are seeing the truth. They realize they were played, manipulated, and conned. The supporters that still stand firm with him comprise the darkest demographics in this nation. The White Supremacists, pseudo-christians, evangelicals, bigots, homophobes, and other hate-filled, ignorance fueled ideologists will always stand with him. They support his image for America, seeing it as a straight white country with zero room for anything outside the “approved racial criteria”. They are the most dangerous aspect of this entire divide, the true deplorables. They represent the darkest part of this nation, and stand in direct opposition to what America truly is. The deplorables call themselves Patriots, yet the Resistance, which includes the defectors who saw their mistake and joined the Resistance, are the true Patriots. They are fighting for the real America, and the core values she was built upon, with unfaltering opposition to anyone who tries to destroy her. daunting, but undeniable attack on our democracy, comes from a foreign adversary who has skillfully managed to infiltrate our country.  While the true motives of Putin cannot be ascertained, one can surmise his ultimate goals simply by looking at Russia’s history. It would truly be a great feat for Russia to manage to seize power in America, making them unstoppable. America now has Russian leaders, with a mere figurehead in the White House, as we fight to rid our democracy of the infestation before it becomes unstoppable.

If we look away from the Russia dilemma for a moment, we can’t help but face one of the most devastating Trumpian related casualties for a proud American to deal with: our reputation. We have become the dunce nation of the world; the constant butt of most jokes. We are seen as stupid and arrogant, with a clown for a leader. We are seen as racist, and dishonest. We are seen as fools. America cannot be trusted or relied upon. We reject science and fact, falling prey to fake news and a fool’s tirade. America has become a laughingstock and a pestilence, which will rapidly diminish any power or sway we have with other nations. In the eyes of the world, the real America has already fallen.

Of course, this leads is to the constant fear in the hearts of many Americans. We stand on the brink of war, akin to the Cold War and the constant fear that lingered over my childhood like a wet shroud. We wonder who will push the button first, our toddler in charge or North Korea. Even if the current battle of egos doesn’t lead to a Nuclear Holocaust, war is still becoming rapidly unavoidable. This reality becomes even more prevalent when you look at Trump, and his very vocal love of war. With his childishly petulant ego, he would go to war simply to pretend to be a powerful leader. This becomes magnified when you add his obvious mental instability to the mix. I fear that he will start a war as a last-ditch effort to remain in office.

FallenSo this week, as even I smiled and cheered at the Flynn news, I also felt a sense of futility. The traitors will go to jail, and the White House will be taken back from the darkness. But sadly, I cannot deny a very real truth that waits just outside our field of vision, as if trying to save us from the trauma of reality. The wheels have already been set into motion, and the ultimate trajectory for America’s future has been set. It might already be too late to save us from ruin, and history will tell the story of a once great nation that became too complacent and arrogant, leading to her downfall. All that will remain is a pile of rubble, and stories in history books hoping to serve as a warning to future generations lest history repeat itself once again.

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