About me

I am a quiet and passive person, with a lot of deep thoughts that I keep to myself. I sit quietly and observe. Because of my silence, people frequently underestimate my intelligence or understanding of a topic. Sometimes I rage, inwardly. I often keep my thoughts and opinions to myself to keep the peace. This blog is my space to let it all out. You have been warned.

If I were to use one word to define myself, it would be “complex”. I am quiet, yet long to be heard. I envy people strong enough to express themselves, yet get upset when they hurt other people. I believe there is a way to tactfully speak your mind.  I will go out of my way to help someone, and hurt myself before hurting them.

I have many deep thoughts, but I keep them to myself. I am intelligent and observant, with a love for spirituality and beauty. Many people mistake my kindness for weakness, and my silence for lack of understanding. It is often dangerous to underestimate me. Sometimes I may be smiling sweetly, but what is going on inside my mind can often surprise and titillate you. If you want to get a glimpse into my intricate thoughts, then dare to step inside the fascinating complexities of my mind.

I prefer writing over speaking, because writing comes naturally for me. In truth, if you truly want to get to know me, read through my many rants and raves. You will get a picture of the wonderfully broken, infuriatingly difficult, and amazingly beautiful woman that I am.