The Imaginary War on Christmas

Merry ChristmasFrom Halloween through New Year, my Facebook newsfeed was filled with people saying Merry Christmas, and sharing posts and memes about the war on Christmas. My social media was inundated with people sharing statuses that asked people to share if they weren’t too ashamed to say, “Merry Christmas”. Most of the times I just rolled my eyes and scrolled past the idiocy. Then, a few weeks ago, I read that Trump was bragging about bringing “Merry Christmas” back, while his Twitter feed overflowed with people tweeting videos of former presidents, especially Obama, saying that very expression repeatedly. I had never really thought about how ridiculous that controversy was until that moment.

Truthfully, how can anyone be gullible enough to buy into that propaganda, that is blatantly geared toward dividing society and inducing hate? Let’s pause and take a realistic look at life in America during the holidays. When the last quarter of the year approaches, I start seeing Christmas everywhere. Beautiful combinations of red, gold, silver and green can be seen on every street, and in every nook and cranny, while Christmas carols fill the airwaves of every store I step into. Nights are lit up with beautiful lights, and nativity scenes are seen on every block. Christmas is undeniable. I must admit, I love the lights. It awakens the childlike awe in me, and I can watch them transfixed for hours. While I miss living somewhere with snow, because the diamond-like substance enhances the magic of Christmas lights, I do love seeing them reflected on the water in the harbor and bay… but I tree (1)

So, witnessing all of this Christmas festivity makes me wonder about this so-called war on Christmas we are experiencing? I was wished Merry Christmas multiple times, far more often than I was wished Happy Holidays. But contrary to Trumpian belief, this was nothing new. It is the norm, not an anomaly.  It has been this way for as far back as I can remember. In fact, if I truly look back at Christmases past, society was more open to the term Happy Holidays. As a child, I remember seeing Happy Yule cards, Noel, Happy Holidays, Father Christmas, et al everywhere. No one was traumatized by it, or believed that it indicated the demise of “their Christian holiday”.  That is a new (non)problem manufactured by certain people for the sole purpose of manipulating an increasingly insecure faction of religious zealots.

The ultimate irony is that Christ has never truly been attached to Christmas, aside from the commandeering of his name. It is not his birthday, and while scholars believe they have narrowed it down to August or September, no one actually knows when Jesus Christ was born. The only thing they know for certain is that he was not born on December 25th. That date was simply chosen because it was already a popular holiday in Pagan religions. So, due to the hatred for paganism, and the fact that the holiday was already a festive celebration, the Pagan winter solstice was commandeered by Christianity during 3rd century AD.

My main question is: Why is this even an issue? If Christians were as steadfast in their faith as they claim to be, then they would not be so threatened by other religions and their holidays. Christians seem to need everyone to adapt to their beliefs, and have tantrums when confronted with the reality that there are other faiths, and traditions attached to those theologies.


What is wrong with simply living your life, and letting other people live theirs? Saying Happy Holidays does not hurt anyone, and will not damage your religious convictions.  There is no war on Christmas, and Christians are not being persecuted. This war is a figment of their easily controlled minds.

Stop perpetuating the myth that there us a war on Christmas, and stop persecuting other religions just because they don’t follow your theology.  Christians scream that they are being persecuted, yet they are the faction screaming that they want everyone to adapt to their beliefs. Say Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays. Put Christ back in Christmas. Make children pray in school again. The Bible is THE holy book. The list is endless, and pathetic. As I said before, if their faith was truly so strong, Christians would not be so easily threatened by other theologies. This ludicrous idea that there is a war on “their” holiday has been devised by a group of people who need to divide society in order to maintain power, and keep their minions docile and under control. After all, a united society would be far more difficult to manipulate.

This “war” is as ignorant as it is ludicrous and divisive. The diversity in society is one of our greatest assets, and should be embraced rather than feared. Imagine what a wonderful society we could have if we chose to learn about each other, rather than rejecting and condemning those different from ourselves.




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