The Exasperation of Trump Regrets and Gullibility

All good people in this nation have been forced to try to find a way to deal with what is happening, in an effort to maintain their own grasp on sanity in the midst of our nation’s insanity. I often look at the Trump Regrets Twitter page these days to see how many people are finally waking up. The first time I went to that page, I expected to see people upset because theirs was a protest vote, and they never truly expected him to win. That was not the case; the people that are finally waking up have me shaking my head in disbelief.

Trump Regrets

I am appalled and shocked by how many people are surprised by what Trump is doing. They are expressing disgust and anger over his lies. They are upset that he is trying to repeal the ACA and they will lose their healthcare. They are surprised and disappointed by how childish he is acting, and how disrespectful he is toward women. They express their disapproval of the Executive Orders he has signed that have a detrimental effect on wildlife and the environment. They are angry by how little he cares about the animals, elderly, sick, and working class. I could go on and on.

The reason this has me feeling exasperated is because it was all predictable, and they were warned. He is exactly the same man now, as he has always been. He showed them who he really was during the campaign, and even told them this is what he was going to do. So, what did they expect from him? He has spent his entire life lying and cheating. If he hadn’t been born rich, he would have been lucky to get a janitorial job somewhere. Most likely, he would have been homeless or living off the system because of a mental disability.

Trumpians were warned about all of this, so I have a hard time feeling sympathy. They hurt the entire country by casting their vote for a childish bully with a grudge. He has always treated women with disgusting disrespect, and viewed them as property. He has never possessed the slightest shred of family values or loyalty. He cheats businesses and refuses to pay his bills. There is nothing to be admired or respected when it comes to that despicable “man”, so in actuality, they got exactly what they wanted when they cast their vote.

Every single time I read the sentence “this isn’t what I voted for”, I want to reach through my computer screen and shake that person. He hasn’t changed one iota from then to now, so they are deluding themselves if they think this is not what they voted for. They got conned by promises of grandeur, much like the Germans were during Hitler’s rise to power. He told them exactly what they wanted to hear, and they bought it like the perfect little gullible fools that he wanted them to be. This is par for the course with him. He has spent his entire life as a spoiled little rich boy who only cares about himself. I do feel empathy and compassion for the people gullible enough to believe that he wouldn’t touch their Medicare/Medicaid, would raise taxes on the wealthy and lower taxes on the poor, etc. I don’t feel too much sympathy for the people chanting “Build that Wall” while still believing that Mexico is going to pay for that monument to hate and anti-American attitudes. That type of ignorance takes gullibility to a whole new level.

Now, of course, many of his die-hard supporters are the equally corrupt politicians, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, ultra-wealthy, and corporations that have been saddled by that pesky red tape intended to protect people while cutting into their profits. Those people will continue to support him no matter how evil his agenda may be, or how much damage is done to the nation, because it is lucrative for them in some form. You also have the single cause supporters: the pro-birth group who pretends to be pro-life, the gun nuts, and the people who erroneously think the “evil immigrants” are stealing their jobs.

stupid Trump supportersThe only thing more exasperating, are the few Trumpians who are still deep without the throes of Trump-hysteria. They have themselves convinced that he is a Christian man, and doing “God’s work”. They brag about all of the amazing things he is accomplishing, and end every grammatically incorrect and atrociously spelled sentence with “#MAGA”. Their spewings are usually filled with ignorance and hate. They are incapable of seeing the truth, and believe all media is fake news, unless it praises him. Trumpians follow Fox like a legion of brainwashed minions, and believe it is the holy grail of information, while rebuking facts and reality. They are the dangerous followers of a dictator, blissfully unaware of how un-American they are. You will not find any of those people on Trump Regrets, because they see him as their god.

Trumpians will die in their denial of truth, long after Trump is a sour memory that all true Americans will desperately try to forget. In the meantime, I go forward, hoping to finally read the headline we all crave “Trump Impeached” or better yet “Trump in prison”. I read the regrets feed for a laugh, and occasional moment of hope.

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