I Have Returned

It has been a while since I have posted anything, because life sometimes takes hold and time becomes elusive. I have been working on my novel again, and often find myself writing it in my head while toiling around the house, or at work. It feels good to watch the story take shape and the characters come to life, while serving as a perfect distraction to the dark state of affairs in this nation.

I try to not dwell too hard on what is happening, even though it is hard at times. I see so much happening and find myself frequently torn between outrage and dismay. But I move forward and try to do the best I can in the given situation. I have lost a few “friends”, and had many restless nights. I see things differently than I use to, with my rose-colored glasses shattered at my feet. Yet, I refuse to allow the darkness to tarnish me. I still smile, and embrace my empathy and compassion as the amazing gifts they are. I refuse to join the factions who cling to arrogant selfishness within a hate-filled agenda.

I see the beauty, and even the optimistic side within the current disaster. I am certain I will delve into that within my next few entries in this blog. I have not lost myself, or at least not the part of me that will always care about people and reach out a helping hand. I have found my voice and no longer sit silently to keep the peace.

I do find myself frequently amused by the Trump supporters who are finally waking up from their stupor, and realizing they were conned. I shake my head at their foolishness because the very things they are upset about are what he promised he would do on the campaign trail. Everyone, including the toddler himself, warned them.

I was horrified when he attempted to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, hoping he had bluffed on that one promise. It was a stupid and selfish move, that is also futile. Apparently, he didn’t bother to read it, or he would know it isn’t that easy. He will be long gone (hopefully in prison) by the time notice can even be given of the intention to back out of the agreement. But nonetheless, he must be so proud to have joined the ranks of Nicaragua and Syria as we move backwards in terms of progress. Instead of being an advanced nation, Trump in all of his demented anti-wisdom has chosen the path of anti-progress. I can only shake my head at the stupidity of that man. However, all is not lost! Many of our states and cities join the ranks of the advanced nations in the world with a pledge to move onward with our progress toward a clean future. Progress cannot be changed, no matter how hard ignorance tries to impede it.

With everything that has been going on in my life as of late, one thing always makes me smile. When I get too agitated thinking about what is going on, I take a time out and play with my dog. He reminds me to focus on the simple things in life. I have had some deeply introspective conversations with him. He is a great listener, and never repeats any of my secrets or thoughts. And somehow, he knows, that when I am getting too agitated, a head on my lap makes all the problems in the world vanish for a moment.

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