Two Choices: Resistance or Accomplice by Silent Acquiescence

Why can’t I just let it go? I know I am not alone in my resistance to simply accept status quo, and set my sights on getting through the next 4 years. But knowing that I am not alone in my dismay, repulsion, and shock does not help me feel better about what is happening in this nation. I think it is the fact that it has forever altered the way I see some people. People that I once had a lot of respect for, that I saw as genuinely good people, have shown a face to me that I do not recognize. They have taken away the illusion that I clung to for years, and revealed the true darkness of this place I call home.

In many ways, I am still in shock, and angry, that someone like him could have become president of the country I once loved without question. He was blatantly following Hitler’s blueprint, yet his supporters still cheered at his vitriol. It was impossible to miss the signs that he was taking a very dark path, yet he didn’t lose a single supporter. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing sometimes, but the biggest shock was that he still had people supporting him and cheering at his rallies. I try to make myself feel better about his electoral win by facing the reality that it could not have happened with Russian interference. But that doesn’t help assuage the deep disappointment I feel toward many of my fellow citizens, who still cling desperately to their illusion that he alone can make America great again.

Whys can’t I just let it go, and accept the current state of affairs? This isn’t about winning and losing, it is about morality, ethics, and humanity on a deeply intrinsic level. It is about the fact that a man bragged about getting away with sexual assault, and his supporters didn’t care. It is about a man mocking a disabled reporter, and his supporters didn’t care. It is about a man being openly racist, bigoted, xenophobic, and misogynistic, and people not caring. It is about a man who is openly and blatantly dishonest, and his supporters not caring. It is about a man who can be presented with hardcore evidence of something he did or said, but his supporters believe him when he denies it. It is about a man that spoke about wanting to bring back waterboarding and other torture, and was met with cheers and jubilation. It is about a man that stated the families and children of terrorists should be killed, and his supporters loved him even more. It is about the core of humanity and compassion being lost in a society that has embraced the deepest depths of darkness.

I will never understand why one of these things wasn’t the end of it, and that might be what troubles me the most. I would like to believe that this nation is an evolved nation, and we have moved out of the dark ages when it comes to basic humanity; we are capable of embracing equality, and letting people live their lives. Sadly, that is not the case. America is a divided nation that has chosen to be defined by hate and arrogance. This is a moral issue, and America has fallen.

The day of the Inauguration, I felt a sense of foreboding and doom. I was ready to pack up and leave this nation, without even a backward glance. But then something amazing happened, and my hope was renewed. The show of solidarity that occurred the day after Trump’s inauguration was unlike anything I have ever seen. I never thought I would see countries around the globe uniting in solidarity against the American president, and it gave me hope. I had felt so disillusioned and fatalistic after the election, but seeing everyone standing together, willing to fight against the ensuing darkness, made me realize that there is hope after all. The heart of the human race is not dead.

So, it is for that reason if nothing else that I cannot simply let it go and accept the fate of this nation. America will resist, and the good people of this nation will once again prove what we are capable of. I have hope that the resistance will be strong, and we will rise again stronger than ever. Perhaps, Trump truly can make America great again by uniting us in a common cause as we all come together to fight the darkness that is threatening to destroy this nation.

To simply accept status quo, is to become a willing accomplice through silent acquiescence. That happened once in Germany during the Nazi era. I have to believe we have learned enough from history, that the good people in this nation will refuse to let the darkest moment in history repeat itself in America.

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One comment on “Two Choices: Resistance or Accomplice by Silent Acquiescence
  1. Ben says:

    I hear ya. I seemed to have moved past it in Feb. I have too much work to do than spend my time watching this awful pageant. I tell myself how much The Orange One hates not having an audience. So that’s a small victory.

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