Live the Life You Chose

Life doesn’t dictate our path, it gives us options and then adapts accordingly. Sometimes our choices can alter the trajectory of our life, and cause us to change course. In some instances, life will lay the same option in our path multiple times. That is because some things are “written in the stars” or simply meant to be. Ironically though, even in those cases, life will not force us to take that option. That’s because life is all about choice, and allows us to choose to turn our backs on fate. Perhaps, we are too blind to see what is right in front of us or too scared to take the chance. Whatever the reason may be, eventually fate will adapt and remove that option from our lives.

Sometimes the choice is as simple as where to go on vacation. This may seem like an innocuous decision, but it has the power to alter your destiny. What if you were fated to meet your soulmate in London, but you chose to go to Hawaii instead. You changed your path with a simple choice. Perhaps, the path you changed revolved around your career. Maybe you were born to be an artist, a restaurateur or a writer, but you became a teacher instead because it was easier. Many times, our lives change trajectory because of a romantic choice. We don’t see the connection we have with someone, until it is too late. Or we are too scared of getting hurt so we keep someone at arm’s length. Sometimes life beats us over the head trying to open our eyes, but we are too stubborn to take the blinders off. And true love slips through our fingers, getting lost in the ether. Choices control everything.

This is where all the “what ifs” and regrets tend to plague our minds as we look backwards. It is almost traditional to become retrospective this time of the year. We look back over our lives, and the choices we made, wondering where we would be right now if we had made different (or better) choices. What if we had opened our heart, and stopped being afraid that one New Year’s Eve. Would we have a family by now? What if we had finished college, or taken that journalism apprenticeship. Life is full of choices not taken, and moments that are lost forever.

I have always been a strong believer in fate, and the idea that our lives were laid out before us with predetermined destinies. While I still believe in destiny, and also in fate to a certain extent, I no longer see it as an iron clad black and white concept. I believe that life gives us options, and lays a path out before us. It is then up to us to take that path, or not. This is the one fact that often causes us to spend a lot of time dwelling on regrets, and wishing we could turn back time. We often long for the path we didn’t take, wondering what the true destination would have been.

We can lose ourselves by dwelling too long on the “what ifs” of life, and we can even alter our present course if we are not careful. Sometimes we just have to have faith, and believe that we are right where we are supposed to be. Maybe the path we are on, is the true destiny of our lives after all. Let go of what is gone, and make the most of today. Otherwise you will miss what is right in front of you by always looking backwards.

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