Trump: The Rise of American Darkness

I sat staring at the TV in utter shock on election night. It was hard for me to fathom the idea that my country, the country I had loved my entire life, could make such a detrimental and foolish decision.  The entire world shared my shock and dismay. How could a nation, that claims to be so advanced, elect a man that stood for everything that is wrong in this world?

Most people that know me, know exactly where I stood in this election cycle. My focus was stopping Trump from destroying the core of what makes America great for his own selfish agenda. I think he is a toxic pathological narcissist, who doesn’t truly want to be president. Or at least, he doesn’t want the responsibility. He wants the power and the fame that comes with it, because it will be the ultimate reality show to him. There are two people on this planet that are so famous everyone knows their name: The Queen of England, and the President of the United States. He doesn’t have a chance of being coronated in England, and Queen Elizabeth would laugh at him if he even looked at her. So, he made a power play for the one throne he has a shot at. This would be amusing, if it weren’t for the fact that he truly is a bumbling idiot who poses a very real and genuine threat to this country.

However, it may be surprising to most people that I didn’t always feel this way. I have always known who Donald Trump was, and the fact that he is a womanizing spoiled rich boy who never grew up. I have heard all the jokes for years about him, but I didn’t truly look into the core of who he is until he threw his hat into the ring. I was supportive of his candidacy…at first. I thought that it was about time an outsider stepped into D.C to shake things up. I remember thinking that he might be just what we needed to get our country back on track.

Then he opened his mouth and my opinion changed. It didn’t happen overnight of course. At first, I laughed at him just like everyone else. I thought he was saying things for the shock value, but then I truly started listening. What struck me at first, was the reality that he had no clue how our government worked, or even the barest essentials of America history. His statements were not only inciteful, but they were inherently false. He proved to be an idiot, and had absolutely no idea what the relevant issues were, so it was impossible for him to have an opinion on them.

He scares me now, because of the darkness that encompasses him. His supporters have been played by the ultimate con-artist, and have subsequently thrown the entire nation to the wolves. In some ways, I can understand why they were so disgruntled. They have been left behind while the rest of the world moved forward, and they blamed their country for this fact rather than accepting their own culpability.  Sadly, these are the very people who will suffer the most under his reign

I sit back now and watch as his presidential fiasco unfolds, watching him fill the swamp that he promised to drain full of scum, snakes and alligators. It is obvious to the informed citizenhistory that he is surrounding himself with people who will perpetuate his holocaust, and support his dark mission. We are truly in the throes of pre-Nazi America, and watching this one great country crumble into ruin.

I wonder how long it will be until his supporters finally realize they were conned. Unfortunately, by the time they come to that bitter realization, their lives will have been dismantled and they will be suffering more than they were before.  Trump never had any plans on helping this nation. His game plan all along was the same it has been his entire life: do whatever it takes to help himself get richer. He will use the presidency to aid his own business interests, eradicate his tax debts, and strike vengeance upon all the people he thinks have wronged him in some way. Billionaire mogul Richard Branson wrote about Trump in his Virgin blog, stating that he was troubled after a lunch meeting with him. Apparently, Trump had reached out to all of the billionaires he knew trying to borrow money before his last bankruptcy. He was focused on getting revenge on everyone who refused to help him. Now in his mind, Trump has the ultimate power to make them pay for not worshiping the ground he walked on, and giving him whatever he wanted.
It feels like we are in the circus right now. The second the electoral college went in Trump’s favor, America became the butt of every joke in the world. We lost all moral authority, and became the shame of the world. The only hope we have left, is that the country bands together to stop the rise of a narcissistic fascist dictator before we fall into the same dark abyss that Germany once faced.

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