The Jedi Mind Trick is Real!

When I was a little girl, I truly believed my daddy knew everything. So, I was sad when he told me that things I saw on TV weren’t real. I wanted to believe so badly that the things I saw people do bewitchedon TV, I could do in real life. I spent a lot of time thinking how amazing it would be to be able to wiggle my nose and get everything I ever wanted, or to cross my arms and blink my eyes to make my brother dangle above a pit of hungry crocodiles. I fantasized about that one a lot, especially when he stole my Barbie dolls and turned them into GI Joe’s hostages.

However, it has recently come to my attention that my dad was wrong. Not everything you see on TV is false. It has been proven this past year that the Jedi mind trick is very real and it works! How do I know this? Donald Trump has proven that the Jedi mind trick is a very powerful tool, and he has mastered the ability. He could blatantly lie, and yet get people to believe he was telling the truth simply by holding his hands up and uttering the words “believe me”.ap_donald_trump_cf_160303_12x5_1600

Now, this trick didn’t fool everyone of course. As anyone who has ever watched Star Wars can attest, the Jedi mind trick only works on the weak minded. But it was nonetheless fascinating to watch. That man could be faced with videotape evidence of something he did or said, and deny that he did it or said it. All he has to do is hold his hands up, and utter those words to brainwash the masses into believing him. Of course, this left those of us with a functioning brain scratching our heads, wondering how on earth they could be fooled by such an outlandish lie, or blindly believe what someone was saying simply because he uttered the command “believe me”.

Nonetheless, this has got me rethinking everything I believed as a child. If the Jedi mind trick is real, then perhaps the rest of it is real too. Maybe my dad was just worried about
the power I could yield if I ever mastered the art of wiggling my nose or blinking my eyes. Now that I know it is possible, I think I will start practicing. The list of people I would like to see dangling over a pit of hungry crocodiles has grown substantially over the years.s-i-dream-of-jeannie-large

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