The NRA: America’s Most Dangerous Terrorist Organization

Everyone is so worried about terroristic threats coming into our country that we seem to be living in a constant state of fear and paranoia. You can’t turn anywhere without hearing the words radical or terrorist, but we need to look somewhere closer to home if we truly want to address the greatest threat facing the people in this nation. The NRA is the most dangerous and corrupt terrorist organization America has ever faced. They pretend to be protectors of American rights and civil liberties, while the only thing they protect is their financial agendas and political power.

The NRA screams that their opponents want to change or eradicate the 2nd Amendment, but they themselves changed the very nature of that Amendment by rewriting it to fit their hidden agenda during the late 1900’s. They altered the very essence of the amendment, and have somehow managed to obscure that fact with their fallacious propaganda.

Maybe they started with the right idea, but corruption has taken hold of the entire organization. During its early days, the NRA was very much in support of gun reform and better gun control. However, corruption and greed became the name of the game for the organization and now they do everything in their power to make certain their stranglehold continues to grow, while Americans fall prey to their manipulative machinations. They have turned many of the American people into puppets who are blind to what the NRA is doing.nra1

The cold hard truth about the NRA is that they have no desire for all the violence to stop. Mass shootings are very beneficial for them, so they will do everything in their power to make certain this type of tragedy continues. After every school shooting, while the rest of the nation reacts in shock and anger, the NRA celebrates. After every public shooting, the greed grows stronger within the ranks of the NRA. This is because gun violence is very lucrative for them, so why would they want America to be a safer place?

First and foremost, you must understand that the NRA is comprised of members that get rich from the gun industry. They are America’s gun dealers, shooting range owners, firearm instructors, manufacturers, concealed carry instructors, etc. Look at what happens after every single shooting. They put out a rally cry that the government is coming to take your guns, this spurs people to run to the store and buy more. Many of these terrorists even put the very type of gun used in these shootings “on special” to encourage people to get the same weapon used to murder your children and neighbors.

You know that saying, “fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice and shame on me”. Well, there are either an awful lot of fools that follow the NRA, or a lot of people who find the senseless violence enthralling, because the NRA puts out the same propaganda every time there is a mass shooting in the US. They start screaming that your guns are going to be confiscated, and the 2nd Amendment is under attack. The NRA sends out the same rally cry, and hopes that no one is smart enough to realize that they are playing a manipulative game.  The NRA screams the same lie every single time there is a tragedy, and it never happens. But they still cause an uproar based on manipulation and irrational fear. Why? Because they want people to run out and buy more guns! The blood of the innocent is very lucrative for them, so they pop that champagne cork every single time there is a mass shooting.

It is for that very reason that the NRA also blocks every attempt at common sense gun reform. If America became a safer place, their bottom line would show a significant loss in profits. They want those bigger houses, yachts, cars, and everything else bought with the blood money. If we enact common sense gun reform to take guns out of the hands that shouldn’t have them, then the NRA will suffer financially. So, they block every attempt to make America safer.

As if that isn’t disgusting enough, the NRA takes a giant step further into the darkness. They have “call us first” or “stand your ground” organizations whose sole purpose is to tell someone what to say if they shoot someone. These organizations are sponsored by the NRA and concealed carry terrorist groups. So basically, they are telling you that if you want to murder your spouse, neighbor, ex, or just some random stranger, they can help you make it look like a self-defense shooting so you can get away with murder.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the greatest danger to American citizens is the NRA and all of their supporters. Yes, all. Anyone who can support a corrupt organization like the NRA, has no right to scream about protecting themselves from terrorists in the US, because they are the danger.  Americans will never be safe until the NRA is stopped, and held accountable for all the deaths at their hands.

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