The Perpetuation of a Vile Norm

I just had someone I trust say to me, “It’s natural, every man does it.” It would be nice to think we were talking about sports, belching in public, or even men ogling women. But we were having a conversation about Trump’s tape where he brags about sexually assaulting women, because he “is rich and can do whatever he wants.” Now this isn’t a new way of thinking, men have used their power since the beginning of time to take advantage of women. The higher up in status a man gets, the more likely his behavior is to be excused by his peers. However, power, money and corruption should be no excuse for vile behavior.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about the men who use their fame, money and power to get women into their bed willingly. There is a huge difference between consensual sex, and assault. I am more focused on the idea that men think it is natural, and should be acceptable, to grab, grope, and fondle women against their wishes. Because apparently, a woman’s body is community property and not her personal space. It seems natural for men to believe they can get away with anything, if the act is perpetrated against a female.

This whole debate, simply shows how far we still need to go if we ever truly want to evolve as a race. We like to think we have come a great distance in making women equal to men, but let’s face the truth, that is not the case. In a man’s mind, a woman has no value. Otherwise, the words “Every man does it” would not be so easily spoken. This is a common thread in most world religious; women are inferior to men and should be subordinate in every way. Women quite simply have no value.

Think I am overreacting? Then let’s change the context for a minute. If someone said to you “Everyone does it, it’s natural” and they are referring to walking into the neighbor’s house when they aren’t home just to watch the game on their new big screen TV. Is that acceptable? Imagine you just bought a new PS4 and you discover your neighbors let themselves into your house to play your new games just to test it out. What about taking the neighbor’s car for a joyride without their consent? Would you be okay with someone sneaking into your house to have a nice long soak in your Jacuzzi tub while you are at work? If a man helps himself to a woman’s body against her will, is it also okay if he helps himself to your bank account without your consent?  Is it okay if the neighbor comes over to lounge by your pool while you are sleeping?

Which of the scenarios disturbs you the most? In actuality, if you are of the mindset that it is natural for men to assault women, then none of these scenarios should bother you. If they do trouble you, then you are either a hypocrite or you truly see women as a possession with little to no value.  If we are ever going to truly evolve into what mankind is capable of being, then we need to stop seeing women as possessions, and start seeing them as people otherwise the rape culture will continue to flourish.

The attitudes stated at the beginning of his post perfectly symbolizes the very nature of the reason women are so often victimized. It is seen as the norm, and that is the attitude that needs to be changed. Only when society as a whole starts seeing this behavior as unacceptable, will we truly begin to change our attitudes.

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