Hillary Clinton: America’s Favorite Villain

I remember when President Bill Clinton won over the heart of the American people with his charismatic demeanor and sax playing. His skill as an orator was second to none, and he easily won the election to become our 42nd president in 1993. In fact, his popularity, and the happy-go-lucky state of the union during his tenure, made him a shoe-in for a second term.

Then came the scandals and his wife Hillary, a very atypical first lady. What made her so different? She had an opinion, and she didn’t back down when the men were speaking. First ladies typically took on causes that allowed them to be America’s sweetheart. However, Hillary Clinton had a very clear vision of what was wrong, and never hesitated to speak. I remember the joke during the Clinton presidency was that she was the true president behind the scenes. The irony is that during the times of Clinton, America was a happy place. The economy was booming, people felt safer, and life was generally happy.

So why does everyone hate Hillary Clinton so much? Simple, the GOP are masters at manipulation and propaganda. They take facts and distort them. They tell half-truths, and they use fear to perpetuate the lie. Their fear of her began during her husband’s presidency. She was strong, and outspoken; refusing to be silent and let the men handle everything. She could not be bullied or intimidated and this scared the GOP.

She has been the subject of a smear campaign for years, simply because they knew the time would come when she would have the audacity to seek power. This is something women in America are simply not allowed to do. Her accomplishments have been hidden, and her faults have been exaggerated to the extreme. This masterful puppetry has been a game implemented by the GOP in an attempt to keep their stranglehold. She has become vilified because of masterfully orchestrated conspiracy theories. The rumors have been floating around for so long, that many people simply accept them as truth. They don’t think to ask “Where’s the evidence?”In actuality, the real evidence against her is minimal, but the propaganda is enormous. The truly educated, and informed, see beyond the smoke screen and question the pseudo-facts being spewed as reality.

The biggest scandals revolve around emails and Benghazi. The GOP never focuses on the fact that the majority of the emails were not classified, and were rather mundane. And those that were classified became classified after the fact. Accusing her of sending classified into, that was marked classified retroactively, is the same as accusing your spouse of adultery because they had sex with someone before you two ever met. Perhaps we should allow people to seek divorce settlements based on retroactive commitment. There is a video circulating that shows the actual testimony, yet the GOP video has cut out the section where the director states that she would not have known the emails were classified prior to reading them, because the marking was within the body, nor would she have understood the marking because it was not clear. The video released to the public was edited for maximum impact.

As for Benghazi, that was a CIA operation, not a State department operation. She put in for increased security several times, constantly stated that increased security was needed, and even demanded that security be increased. The GOP refused, and told her it was not her department. It was a CIA operation, and therefore not her place to ask for heightened security. As a result, four men lost their lives. I guess when it was over, they needed someone to blame, so they put it on her head. After all, they couldn’t admit that she was right and security should have been increased. There have been several experts that admit nothing anyone could have done would have saved those poor men anyway, yet the GOP still use them like pawns in a game.

Then we look at the whole Bill Clinton scandal. This is the most amusing, hypocritical and misogynist scandal to date. He cheated on her, yet she held her head up high. All of their dirty laundry was aired in the public eye, and she still stood strong. She fought hard for her family, rather than following the standard method of quick and easy divorce. The crazy part in all of this is that the GOP and their puppets blamed her for the affair, she became the villain in the drama. She wasn’t woman enough; she wasn’t pretty enough; she was a secret lesbian, etc. The rumor mill went crazy, and she became crucified because her husband had an affair. Today, she is being slammed by many groups for still being with him. Her opponent trades in wives like someone would trade in their car when it gets too old, and people treat him like a god for doing so. Hillary Clinton has been married to the same man for 40 years, and she is the bad guy. The ultimate irony is that many of the people slamming her are America’s Christians, or should I say the pseudo-christian populace.

Is Hillary Clinton perfect? No. She has made some errors in judgment, and done some things that she shouldn’t have. She shades the truth a little, as most politicians do. But she is also human. I would personally love to meet someone who can truthfully say they have never altered the truth, or shaded it ever so slightly. But the lies that are circulating about her are ludicrous, and an obvious witch-hunt. If she were truly capable of doing half the things she is accused of, it would be a miracle. She has managed to kill everyone who crosses her, in some cases even causing them to have a heart attack, or succumb to cancer. She kills people while committing multiple crimes, and always manages to elude the FBI, CIA and Interpol. It is a good thing we don’t all get accused of murder just because someone we know, or fought with, has died.

What she has done, is create healthcare reform that has helped millions of children. She has fought hard for the environment and gun reform to make America safer. She doesn’t back down, but rather fights hard for what she believes in. Her achievements in Congress and at the State Department cannot be denied, although her haters try very hard to do so. Of her most famous triumphs were the courageous speech she gave in China on women’s rights, her aggressive work on climate change and her dedicated skill as a senator in guiding the Children’s Health Insurance Program through Congress. She has helped negotiate a ceasefire with Hamas in Israel, during a very hostile moment, helped forged alliances in South America, Africa and Asia, and played a huge part in establishing tough sanctions against Iran. And that’s only the beginning.

In America, our justice system is suppose to be “innocent until proven guilty”. However, in this case, Hillary Clinton is guilty until proven innocent, and then still considered guilty even in the face of evidence that reputes the accusations. Hillary Clinton is a strong woman who does not back down, and because of this she has painted a target on herself. Half-truths and outright lies flood the airwaves, and online world. The GOP has been working very hard for years at tearing her down. She will change their powerful hold on the world of politics and corruption. She is not scared of the NRA or the cigar smoking man’s club. She will someday be seen as a martyr for women’s rights, and the truth may eventually come to light. Unfortunately, in today’s world, too many people are too lazy to do any real research, and blindly believe what they are being spoon-fed by the biased and corrupt media. The truth is out there for anyone who cares to seek it. The first step, is to cut the puppet stings.

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