Wasted Time

Pics-Beach-Nature-Rainbow-WallpaperHow much time have you wasted today? I am not referring to how many hours you may or may not have spent working. I am talking about the time you spend dreaming of tomorrow, or worrying about things you want to happen or that you cannot change. I know it is a lot easier to tell you to stop worrying than it is to actually do it. There are some things we will worry about, and nothing will change that. When it comes to our families we will always worry. That is simply human nature. We want the people we love to be happy and because of that we will always worry to a certain extent. But back to my original question, how much time have you wasted today?

Have you spent a portion of the day praying that new job comes through, while drifting through your current job? Have you wished you had a bigger house? Maybe you were thinking about how great life when be when you finally lose your weight, or move to a new state. It is human nature to look toward the future and cling to the “if onlys” and “I wishes”. I am guilty of this myself. I have a bad habit of putting things off until this happens or that happens. It is only recently that it finally hit me how sad it is to be this way.

When you spend too much of your time planning for tomorrow, or putting things off, you actually end up losing the most valuable thing you have: today. This moment right now, becomes lost forever. You cannot reclaim time once it is gone.  We need to learn to appreciate the moment, and the people we are sharing this moment with. Losing time is far too easy in the age of social media. We often sit across the table from our loved ones, and check our email. Or we spend family time perusing our newsfeed on Facebook, rather than sharing a moment with the people we love.Sunset

In many ways, people are escaping reality and entering a world that gives them what they think they need.  But by doing this, they are losing themselves. Life is too short to put off today. Who cares if you are heavier than you want to be, your car is 10 years old, or your house is smaller than the neighbors. If you are unhappy with where you are in life, make a change, or start looking for the sunshine. Putting off life until certain things happen, simply keeps you from finding true happiness.

Stop planning for tomorrow, and start embracing today. Stop worrying about what could possibly happen, and simply enjoy the moment. If something happens, deal with it then. Worrying prematurely only borrows trouble, and holds you back from true happiness. Put down your phone, and talk to the person next to you. Find something you love about your life and hold tightly. Seize the moment, because it could your last. The greatest disservice you could ever do to yourself, is to spend your last moment in life wishing for tomorrow. Enjoy today, and love with every fiber of your being. Don’t waste any more time! Choose to be happy, and you will be.

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