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The NRA: America’s Most Dangerous Terrorist Organization

Everyone is so worried about terroristic threats coming into our country that we seem to be living in a constant state of fear and paranoia. You can’t turn anywhere without hearing the words radical or terrorist, but we need to

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The Perpetuation of a Vile Norm

I just had someone I trust say to me, “It’s natural, every man does it.” It would be nice to think we were talking about sports, belching in public, or even men ogling women. But we were having a conversation

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Hillary Clinton: America’s Favorite Villain

I remember when President Bill Clinton won over the heart of the American people with his charismatic demeanor and sax playing. His skill as an orator was second to none, and he easily won the election to become our 42nd

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Wasted Time

How much time have you wasted today? I am not referring to how many hours you may or may not have spent working. I am talking about the time you spend dreaming of tomorrow, or worrying about things you want

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