Racism or Reality

I am certain that I will most likely be labelled as a racist for saying this, but facts don’t lie.  In actuality, the word racist is used too often anyway when people don’t want to face the truth.  I was just reading an article about the 10 most dangerous cities to live in within the contiguous United States, and all 10 had one glaring feature in common: their cultural demographics. I analyze everything, so naturally when I read this article, I wanted to see what they have in common. The commonality? The cities are all predominantly black.

Now let me clear up one thing, I am not a racist. I couldn’t care less about a person’s color, sexual orientation or religion.  I judge people by how they act, how they treat me, and how they treat animals. These factors combine together to reveal the moral make-up of an individual. However, there are often cultural and external stimuli that play a role as well. In my world, integrity and morality were pounded into our heads. We were taught to have pride in who we were, and to show respect for other people. If we wanted something, we worked hard for it. We didn’t steal it. Self-defense was expected, violence was not.

So what went wrong in these cities? Is it a cultural norm to be violent? Perhaps the parents in these cities simply do not care about their children or what they become. This makes me flash back on my Political Science teacher in college. He was a very well-respected black man, who carried himself with extreme dignity. We admired his intellect, and honesty. He told us that black culture was what needed to change if society was ever going to change toward them. In his household, he was raised with a strong sense of integrity, morality and discipline. Yet in his neighborhood, it was the norm for his peers to be raised with the attitude: take what you want because people owe it to you. Hard work was not encouraged.

So I guess, the problem within these cities is not a race issue, it is a parenting and cultural issue. The terrorist group Black Lives Matter tries to scream about how they are discriminated against. They prove how wrong it is by being very racist toward whites. BLM protests violence by killing cops. The BLM members protest everything, yet fix nothing. They bring hate and violence toward their entire culture, by proving the image everyone has about them is correct. They are the worst thing to ever happen to the black world. I am certain, the great leaders such as Martin Luther King would be ashamed of what they have become.

In all honesty, black lives do matter, to everyone except the BLM movement and the black culture as a whole. They do not respect themselves, or have any pride in who they are. Look at how they live their lives. If black lives truly matter, then prove it by cleaning up the messes you have spent years creating. Clean up your neighborhoods. Eradicate the crime from your culture, and teach the young to be better people. If BLM truly believed black lives matter, they would start with where the problem is greatest, in their own back yards. If you want to change your image, then you need to clean yourself up first and change the people causing the problem. You need to become the change, and the rest of the world will follow.

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