America the (Once) World’s Greatest (Anti) Christian Nation

I was a military brat, so I had a deep sense of patriotism pounded into my head growing up. That American pride, coupled with a God-fearing, church going childhood, set the tone for how I looked at the world. I was taught that America was not only a Christian nation, but it was the greatest country on Earth. Both of those statements have turned out to be lies.

Allow me to elaborate on why I feel this way. I have no desire to live through an American Holocaust, but we are headed that way if we continue down this dark path we are on. The American people did not set out to be this way, but circumstances created the perfect canvas to make society more susceptible to manipulation and control. In essence, we are a nation fueled by hate and fear.

This hate and fear is making otherwise good citizens turn against everyone who is not like them. We have a candidate running for office who is the ultimate white supremacist. His hate, dishonesty, and misogyny is legendary. The scary part, is how many people are following him. This election cycle has brought out the darkest cross-section of society, and exposed America’s dark underbelly. It is definitely eye opening to say the least, as we all see people we thought we knew in a whole new light. Now I know how pre-Nazi Germany must have looked to the German citizens who were not easily swayed by Hitler’s propaganda and vitriol.

It isn’t really his fault though; like all consummate con-artists and scammers, he simply took advantage of a situation. Just look at the state of our nation. We are so controlled by our fear and hate, that we have become weak. We do not take care of our own people, we have lost our compassion, we value a gun more than a child, and we have the arrogance to believe we are still a great nation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Maybe at one time America was a great place, but it has been destroyed by corruption and greed.

This takes me on to the second part of my childhood. The idea that America was an upstanding and moral Christian nation. The truth is that America is not even close to being a Christian nation anymore. Most “christians” have taken the teachings of Jesus and given him their middle finger. Jesus would be ashamed of what we have become because he didn’t teach hate, and fear. He warned us about the wolf in sheep’s clothing, but instead of being diligent, we embraced the wolf.

Church groups are judgmental to the extreme, and turn away from pain and suffering for their own selfish reasons. They focus on money, power and followers; while getting their pseudo-christian agenda across. They turn people away from the very idea of god with their pride, arrogance, and corruption. Modern day American Christians are the polar opposite of what Christianity is supposed to be about.  What did the Bible say about the camel and a needle again? If god doesn’t exist here anymore, it is because the American people have evicted him.

No, we are not the greatest nation on earth anymore. Not even close, and we only have ourselves to blame.

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