The Ongoing Saga of Pseudo-Oppression

I cannot go online these days without being inundated with another football player making a stand, so to speak, by refusing to stand for the National Anthem. They claim to be doing it to support the oppression of blacks and other minorities. I find it very difficult to feel sorry for a rich sports star, who claims to be oppressed. If having a million-dollar paycheck is oppression, then I would be blissfully happy if someone would oppress me.

I find this whole movement to be ridiculous, and I am certain this will not be my last post on this subject. It is not that I am unsympathetic to the cause, it is because I think they create their own pain. Let’s face reality here, it is up to an individual to create their own life, good or bad. There is definitely a disparity in the way genders and races are treated, but the current trend in behavior is only making the divide bigger. Many of the people embracing the “I protest America” movement, are simply causing a lot of anger and hostility to be directed toward an entire race.

There is no common sense in this movement. How much money have these sports stars, or Beyoncé, actually donated to help “their” people get out of their “oppressed” life? What are these people doing to help themselves? Are they working to clean up their own neighborhoods? Or they doing anything to improve their own lives? Stop looking for a handout, and build the life you want.

Just out of curiosity, are you aware that the Irish were slaves as well, and far more abused and oppressed than the African slaves? Yet, they do not use it as an excuse to live a sub-par life. Most Europeans have fought hard to build a world they are proud of, and a good life.

I fully understand that slavery was a horrible thing. I cannot imagine the pain of being pulled out of your home, and taken to a cruel new world. The pain of living in America now must be horrible, and the craving to return to your homeland must be overwhelming if they are so desperate for reparations. I often want to ask them “How did it feel to be ripped out of your homeland?” Which we all know would be followed by, “What do you mean you were born here?” That changes everything in their argument.

This whole movement seeks an end to oppression and demands reparations. The only problem is; they were never slaves. And they are seeking to punish people who were never slave owners. Perhaps, we should be looking into their past. Some of the people screaming about how horribly they were treated, are not even related to former slaves. In fact, some of them came from the very African ancestors who were selling their own people into slavery, just to make a buck. That is where they should be directing their anger.

If they truly want reparations, and they can prove that they came from slaves, then I agree that we should right a wrong and help them return to their homeland. In the meantime, all of these filthy rich people claiming to be oppressed are simply ludicrous and doing nothing to help the cause. They are simply causing more outrage and anger, while deepening the divide.

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