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Current Events: Angelina & Brad

Well, the news of the week is the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce. There are all kinds of rumors flying around regarding the reasons, with the most laughable reason being his “pot addiction”. But the ultimate irony (not to

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America the (Once) World’s Greatest (Anti) Christian Nation

I was a military brat, so I had a deep sense of patriotism pounded into my head growing up. That American pride, coupled with a God-fearing, church going childhood, set the tone for how I looked at the world. I

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Racism or Reality

I am certain that I will most likely be labelled as a racist for saying this, but facts don’t lie.  In actuality, the word racist is used too often anyway when people don’t want to face the truth.  I was

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Words: The Most Powerful Force on Earth

Nearly everyone over the age of 2 has heard that old nursery rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” While it is meant to encourage kids to ignore what people say, it is

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Reality Revealed by a Question

It all started with a simple question that my significant other, Shane, asked me during a road trip last year. We were headed to Oklahoma because I was a bridesmaid in my childhood friend Cheryl’s wedding. Since we live several

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Nobody Knows

Music has a way of speaking to my soul. I find myself listening to music that fits my mood, often getting lost in the lyrics. At times, I may discover things about myself by focusing on the inner dimensions of

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Beginning of the Journey

The best place to start a journey is always at the beginning, so it makes sense for me to begin my journey with an introduction as well as a glimpse into the reason I decided to start down this path.

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